Service Base Outsourcing


Service Base Outsourcing : The Key to enterprise Success!

As a key vendor to top-notch companies across industry verticals, we know that success in today’s technology driven, wireless world is the: technology and service differential.

Our professionals know this fact only too well and apply their distilled expertise for developing complex business applications and resolving operational issues pertaining to  technology that arise in the course of business.  Our mantra for business success has been simple: Deliver high quality services to maximize your IT spends and benefit from higher margins in the process. And this formula has worked extremely well for us both in times of fast and slow industry growth.

  • We have access to the best resources in terms of technical manuals, help manuals, case studies that has helped us to build a highly skilled workforce that is in sync with the needs of the market. We regularly conduct training sessions to enhance the skill-sets of our employees so that our professionals can respond faster to business change.
  • No wonder we are the preferred choice of companies seeking reliable IT solutions as our clients have full faith in the capability and efficiency of our resources. They know that we throw all our best resources towards a complex problem and try to deliver easy solutions that can be implemented at on-site locations.
  • Our service delivery mechanism relies heavily on strict adherence to quality standards in line with ISO and SEI-CMM standards to create powerful applications within the constraints of time and money.
  • We offer flexible staffing and engagement models in order to ensure application development process is completed strictly within the constraints of time and money and there are no cost over-runs.
  • Our custom –built IT solutions incur comparatively lower costs, higher interoperability and flexibility with various operating systems. We have set new benchmarks in the industry by delivering solutions in record development times and are considered a force to reckon with in the IT-solutions space.

Our team of professionals and the top management cadre is fully aware of the fact that continuous and incremental improvements in the service delivery process is the best way to take the organization to a higher growth trajectory and this has been our operating philosophy right from inception. It is this belief in continuous learning and innovation that has driven our foray into research and development and transformed this initiative into a tool of competitive advantage.